Discover the new Pfaudler plant in (Waghäusel) Germany, a modern plant optimized for the customers’ needs!

30 September 2021

Discover the new Pfaudler plant in (Waghäusel) Germany, a modern plant optimized for the customers’ needs!

With its 33,400 m² of land, 16,500 m² of production area, 250 m² of laboratory and 1,600 m² of office space, the new Pfaudler pant is truly a world-class facility for glass-lined technologies, a place where our experienced engineers and technicians can create solutions and innovations for all our customers.

The new plant in Waghäusel enabled the Pfaudler Group to completely redesign its production processes, making substantial improvements:

  • Flexible production layouts
  • Most modern production lines
  • Shorter and reliable delivery times
  • Improvement of the glass-lining process and glass quality

The plant is designed to use the best cutting-edge technologies and the strictest quality control procedures. All furnaces are equipped with the latest control technology and highly efficient thermal insulation to ensure optimum efficiency and unsurpassed glass-lining quality.

The 250 square metres of the research and development laboratory enable us to further expand our position as a global manufacturer of glass-lined analytical probes and technologies for measuring, agitating and mixing, thanks to our own enamel development and CFD simulation (Computational Fluid Dynamics), among other things.

In addition, this factory has been designed as a centre of excellence for reglassing, refurbishing and servicing equipment. This is possible also thanks to our skilled teams and modern warehousing solutions for instrumentation, accessories, and spare parts.

Discover the new Pfaudler plant in Waghäusel (Germany)  – Watch the video

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