The New Pfaudler Plant in (Liyang) China is Fully Operational!

19 January 2021

The New Pfaudler Plant in (Liyang) China is Fully Operational!

With the completion of this technologically advanced factory in Liyang, China, the Pfaudler Group has taken a great step forward in the process of improving its global manufacturing capacity & engineering services.
This investment demonstrates the dynamism of a Group that strategically invests in people, tools and equipment to offer its markets products and technologies with high added value.

 “The completion of this new and modern site is the consequence of our efforts to optimize the production process”, says Sebastien Merkling, Site Director.  “Through this factory we have increased our performance and we have achieved a higher level of productivity, efficiency and sustainability, as well as ensuring a better working environment for our collaborators”.

With state-of-the-art furnaces and glassing facilities, the Liyang factory is world class in terms of its manufacturing capabilities and quality. 

The furnaces are designed and built according to the latest European technology. All furnaces are insulated with a high-density glass fiber panel, which ensures maximum thermal efficiency and maintains an extremely clean surface inside, putting the risks of contamination of products aside.

The spraying and drying chambers are unique features within the industry, with the vessels prepared, sprayed and dried in a controlled environment. With computer-driven, environmental systems on multiple independent chambers, customer vessels are coated by avoiding the main sources of contamination.  Once sprayed, the drying program is selected and temperature and humidity are optimized to provide specific drying conditions, substantially reducing the required drying time.

With the improvements described above, lead times for Pfaudler equipment will be optimized and quality maintained at the highest level in the industry.

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