Pfaudler’s world class process test facility

01 February 2018

Pfaudler’s world class process test facility

Process Development

Before a commercial scale production facility can be designed, the process must first be developed and optimized.

Most processes are developed in the lab and then process simulation software is used, incorporating the lab data, to model a commercial scale facility.

Where pilot testing is possible, it is ideal to collect real-life data at pilot scale rates and then to use this data for direct scale calculations and for checking or enhancing the process simulation.

Pilot testing is also utilized to collect data and to use it to design process improvements to increase the yield of the existing process and/or to improve the purity of the product produced.

Pfaudler Process Test Facility

Pfaudler has a world-class Process Test Facility in Rochester (NY).

Here we have performed hundreds of pilot tests for our clientele located around the world.

We have the equipment and systems necessary to complete pilot testing for evaporation, distillation, reaction and drying processes.  Our experienced chemical process engineers develop & optimize your process, and collect the data required to design your commercial-scale facility.

Typical purposes for testing at Pfaudler’s Process Test Facility include new process development, yield and purity improvement, process optimization for cost-reduction and increased profit, and VOC reduction to meet environmental regulations.

Pilot Test Facility, can be configured for a variety of distillation operations in either batch or continuous mode. Multiple utility systems provide a wide range of operating conditions, including: a high-capacity multi-stage vacuum system, for vacuum down to less than 0.01 millibar, hot thermal oil up to 345°C, steam up to 180°C and water systems from -12° to 140°C. Our Process Test Facility is designed to process flammable and corrosive chemicals, in volumes ranging from lab samples, to tote quantities.

Pilot testing concludes with a comprehensive report that includes the scope, objectives, and sample analytical results, accompanied by conclusions and recommendations.

Pfaudler Process Solutions

The Solutions Group at Pfaudler utilizes the pilot test data to prove the performance of our Pfaudler, Montz, Mavag, Normag, Edlon, Interseal Technologies and to design efficient, safe and economical commercial scale facilities incorporating these technologies.

Please see our website for more information, including a video, concerning our Pilot Test Facility capabilities:

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