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Taking samples: a daily procedure in the process industry

Many conversion rates or product qualities are controlled by taking samples along the process, in order to drive and stop the process at the most appropriate moment. Sample takers must be safe for the operators and also adapted to the corrosion properties of the media in the vessel. Further, sometimes samples cannot just be eliminated. Pfaudler proposes two solutions of sample takers:

  • The FleXampler standard
  • The FleXampler loop

Both systems are designed for handling highly corrosive or high-purity products. The components in contact with the product are either glass lined, PFA coated, or PTFE lined.

Pfaudler FleXampler Standard

Pfaudler FleXampler standard is preferably installed on the Pfaudler Quatropipe but can also be installed on a dip pipe on smaller reactors.

The sampling sequence is manual: a PTFE tube is introduced into the dip pipe. A sample is taken by vacuum in the sampling system or overpressure in the reactor. In a closed circuit, a floating PTFE ball system guarantees a safe sealing of the sample. Through a manual valve sequence, the sample is collected in a bottle.

Pfaudler FleXampler Loop

Pfaudler FleXampler loop is installed preferably on the Pfaudler Quatropipe which is designed to take the weight loads.

The sampling sequence is mostly automatic. Through a circulating pump and a suction PTFE tube in the dip pipe, a liquid flow is recirculated in an external loop. By means of a sampling syringe in the circulating loop, a sample is collected after recirculation, which guarantees the representativity of the sample. If the sample volume is too difficult to eliminate, the residues can be re-introduced in the vessel with the syringe.

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