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Edlon - Fluoropolymers Technologies

Edlon continues to be an innovator in fluoropolymer linings. Working closely with its clients, Edlon can provide unique solutions for every design challenge. For example, working together with a large semiconductor manufacturer, Edlon developed an internal cooling solution using high-purity materials to mitigate heat concerns.

Edlon can provide engineering assistance in provide heat transfer calculations customized to your process needs.

Characteristics and options

  • Carbon Steel or SS w/ PFA or PTFM bonded liner
  • Dual laminate FRP w/ PFA or PTFM bonded liner
  • HDPE w/ PFA or PTFM loose liner
  • Tanks can vary in size from 200L to 4,000L or greater
  • Most popular for high temperature applications are Carbon Steel, SS and FRP tanks
  • Continuous PFA coils
  • Optional Static dissipative PFA tubing for fluorinated solvents
  • Various style fittings

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