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Edlon’s sheet linings Technology offer a thick, reliable chemically inert, corrosion-resistant layer between the process and the vessel Structure, resulting in much longer lifespan than an unlined fiberglass. Edlon’s custom liners provide corrosion protection at a wide range of temperatures with smooth, high purity, non-stick surfaces, low-stress designs, low permeation characteristics, and maximum bonding to the substrate surface for use in the most demanding, critical services. Edlon's dual laminate vessels provide protection even in severe agitation and vacuum conditions.

Dual laminate liners are fabricated using thick fluoropolymer sheet film which has a glass or fabric backing fused to one side. The purpose of this is to create a bondable surface that will facilitate the application of the fiberglass resin. The liner is created first, then overlaid with a conductive carbon layer, and then overlaid with Derakane 470 or resin. The vessel other suitable exterior are sealed with a gel coat infused with a UV inhibitor for long term protection.

Importance of stress-relief

Edlon’s fabrication of dual laminates takes additional steps to stress relieve each weld, heat set each flare, and fusion weld each seam beyond the industry-standard air- welded liner.

Edlon has a proven track record utilizing this technology, resulting in easily-maintained and worry-free operation in our vessels worldwide.

100% PureFusion™ welded lining of a rugged FRP overlay to make the ultimate dual Laminate construction

Using glass or fabric-backed film, Edlon’s dual laminate liners are fabricated using Edlon’s proprietary fusion welding technology, resulting in seamless welds for both body heads and nozzles – a product that is unequaled by our competition. These seams have tensile and elongation properties equal to those of virgin fluoropolymer. Fusion welds allow for natural flex and strain, eliminating stress risers and minimizing stress cracking – one of the most common modes of failure in a fluoropolymer sheet lining. Fusion welding also reduces the chance of other failure modes, including vapor permeation through a weak air weld.

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