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Edlon, Inc. bonded liners can be fabricated from six different fluoropolymers:
FEP, PFA, PTFE, ETFE, ECTFE, and PVDF. Virgin fluoropolymer sheet is laminated to a knit glass or polyester.

Liners are fabricated using Edlon’s proprietary welding technologies and bonded into the tank or column using one of Edlon’s high strength proprietary bonding systems.

These systems provide corrosion protection and resist permeation and delamination at temperatures up to 150° C (300°F) even in severe agitation or vacuum.

Thermoformed vessel heads provide the highest liner reliability in the market Edlon lined vessel heads are fabricated using proprietary techniques that allow us to offer a vastly superior product with limited use of hand welds.



Vessel and tank heads fabricated by Edlon are thermoformed and installed as a single piece. The industry-standard of installing vessel heads in pie-shaped sections results in unnecessary air and hand welds, which increase the chance for failure along a liner seam. On a 10 ft. diameter tank, pie-shaped head sections could mean up to 140 ft. of hand welds.

Reduction of air and hand welds:

Air and hand welds found in industry-standard lined tank create areas that are susceptible to stress-cracking and other modes of failure, leading to debonding. Edlon utilizes it's exclusive PureFusion welding technology where possible to ensure that it's lined products will last in the harshest of process conditions.

Comparison between pie-shaped head sections and fusion-welded and formed Heads

  • Liners are engineered for optimum performance in relation to your operating conditions.
  • Fusion-welded construction provides smooth, indiscernible seams with tensile and elongation properties equal to those of the film itself.
  • Vacuum thermoforming is used to create dished heads and other complex shapes.
  • Fluoropolymer films, laminated to knit glass fabric, can be bonded to steel for use in agitated or vacuum services.

Recommended Practice

Non-recommended practice

Nozzle Welding

Fusion-welded nozzles:

Where possible, Edlon’s nozzles are fusion-welded into the vessel liner. Fusion welded seams offer strengths nearly identical to liner matrix material. In addition, fusion welds significantly reduce stress and risks of stress-cracking typically associated with air and hand welds in stress areas.

Reduction of high stress areas:

Elimination of air and hand welds from vessel heads means that the high stress areas found around all liner and nozzle seams are drastically reduced. Permeation through a weak air weld, one of the most common modes of failure in a lined tank, is much less of a concern when all welds are fusion-welded, and high stress areas are eliminated


Testing and Repair

Lining is repairable in the field. Edlon technicians can make repairs on-site, or they can provide field repair training.

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