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PTFE Weir-Trough Distributors are designed to span large diameter columns while providing an open area for high-volume vapor flow, and also handling a wide range of liquid flow rates.

The trough-type distributor can be constructed to fit packed columns with a diameter ranging from 36" to 60".
It is designed especially for distributing corrosive liquids over packing.

Each closed-end trough is engineered with the proper number of weirs to provide even distribution over a wide range of liquid flow rates. The spaces between the troughs provide for a large, open area required for high-volume vapor flow. Edlon designs a continuous support ledge to support the weir-trough. Edlon fabricates the weir-trough distributor by combining materials, such as virgin PTFE and PFA, in such a way as to ensure a sturdy and modular design with the mechanical strength and corrosion resistance required. The design can be produced in a modular form to facilitate on-site installation.

Other fluoropolymer materials, such as PVDF, ETFE, and ECTFE can be used as a construction material. The unique design provides the structural strength needed to maintain shape and stiffness at temperatures up to 175°C.


  • Will not damage glass lining or scratch column wall
  • Non-corroding and non-fouling
  • Improves column efficiency
  • Suitable for high temperature applications

Standard Sizes (customized and larger sizes available)

Nominal Col. Dia. Distributor O.D. Min. Support Ledge Flow GPM
Flow GPM
36” 35.5” 2” 10 200
38” 37.5” 2” 10 235
40” 39.5” 2” 15 270
42” 41.5” 2” 15 305
44” 43.5” 2” 20 340
46” 45.5” 2” 20 375
48” 47.5” 2” 20 410

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