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PTFE Orifice-Riser Distributors are non-clogging and adaptable to a wide range of flow rates.

Edlon's unique design is a combination of a pan type orifice distributor and a weir riser distributor. Flow is self-regulated by the liquid level on the pan. In the event of a sudden increase in flow rate, or if solids were to clog the orifices, the liquid level will rise, and flow will be controlled by the notches in the riser tubes. The unit can be customized to handle high turndown ratios. In addition, it is not adversely affected by increased flow rates caused by process changes. Edlon fabricates its Orifice-Riser Distributor from virgin PTFE and PFA materials, machined and assembled to guarantee mechanical durability and corrosion resistance.


  • Non-corroding
  • Non-fouling
  • Will not damage glass lining or scratch column wall
  • Suitable for a wide range of temperatures
  • Non-stick smooth surface finish provides excellent release properties

Key features

Standard design is a one-piece construction.

Standard design provides structural strength up to 175°C for sizes up to 36" (900mm). Larger sizes may be custom designed with supplemental span support.

Special designs incorporating built-in support rings, packing hold down plates, or anti-migration rods (to prevent packing bypass) are available upon request.

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