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PTFE multi-arch packing supports combine corrosion resistance and strength in a design that separates liquid and vapor flow paths, for minimum pressure drops, providing an open area for high volume vapor flow, while handling a wide range of liquid flow rates.

The efficiency of packed columns is influenced by both liquid distribution and gas distribution. Edlon’s multi-arch packing supports combine the corrosion resistance of PTFE and the strength of Pyrex® glass (or alloy) into one design that evenly distributes vapor with a minimum pressure drop. The design provides separate paths for liquid and vapor and will support a wide range of packing styles and types. In Edlon’s multi-arch packing supports, vapor flows up into the packed bed through the upper openings in the arches, while liquid can move downward through the spaces between the arches. All PTFE construction is available for all acids or strong caustics.

The multi-arch support is engineered with the right space area to ensure the smallest possible pressure drop across the support, with a large open area required for high volume vapor flow.

Edlon designs a continuous support ledge to support the multi-arch packing support. Standard designs will support spans up to 15-ft of plastic packings or up to 10-ft of ceramic packings at temperatures up to 150°C. Edlon fabricates multi-arch packing supports by combining materials, such as virgin PTFE and PFA, which are reinforced with either Pyrex glass or alloys in such a way as to ensure a sturdy and modular design, with the mechanical strength and corrosion resistance required. The design can be module to facilitate on-site installation.

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