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Pfaudler services capability - retrofit manway cover

The manway opening is the largest and most frequently opened nozzle on the glass lined reactor. 

The Pfaudler Fillook and Glasslook doors, with fused sight glasses are the safest and most hygienic solutions for viewing the reactor contents. The Fillook has the added benefit of quick opening without affecting the flange gaskets.

Historically the covers were given a painted finish for esthetic and limited corrosion protection. However, over time the paint system will break down and start to flake. This give two problems: paint flakes can fall into the vessel when opening or closing the door and rust may occur where the paint flakes off. 

The Pfaudler solutions are glass lined stainless steel or full nickel-plating of the external surfaces thus preventing contamination with a durable corrosion resistant finish.

In addition of the retrofit it is possible to improve the functionality of the manway.

The Fillook Multiport allows different Pfaudler solutions such as CIP and sampling, to be added quickly through the Fillook port freeing up other nozzles on the head of the reactor. The fused in sigh glasses remove the need for gaskets, so eliminating dead spaces.

Upgrading is simple. These devices retrofit to Pfaudler reactors or any other glass lined reactor by using a special adaptor ring that fits to the existing manway opening and the Pfaudler Fillook or Glasslook cover. 

The system has the additional safety feature of having a spring loaded a door opening / closing device which assists in opening and reduces the risk of damage or injury on closing.

All covers are designed and manufactured in accordance with both the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and CE marked accordingly.

The main benefits of Fillook:
• Easy to clean outside and inside, no “contaminated spots”. Cleaning devices for flange connection are available
• No gaskets on the sight glass
• Quick opening feature
• Easy and quick installation of a CIP spray nozzle
• Design optimized for GMP requirements
• Ideal for pharmaceutical applications
• Fracture-proof.

Pfaudler provide parts and maintenance services throughout entire plants. 
However, our services also extend far beyond that of normal maintenance. 
Our highly skilled engineers and technicians work with our clients upfront and during projects to optimize the process design.

We consult with clients for their existing processes and then design and install upgrades, improving safety, increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs. For those critical plant shutdowns, whether planned or unexpected, our services are available 24/7 and we have thousands of parts in stock to ensure our customers’ downtime is minimized.

See below for a just a snapshot of some of the services we offer.

• Consultancy 
• Project management 
• Installations 
• Maintenance 
• Safety 
• Process engineering 
• Troubleshooting 
• Upgrades and process improvements
• Pilot testing / toll operation
• Inspections.

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