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Pfaudler - Your Single Source for Alloy Systems

Our commitment to selecting the most suitable alloy for equipment in the process industries has allowed Pfaudler to build a wide & comprehensive portfolio of standard and special alloys to meet the main chemical applications.

Our highly experienced experts can assist you with the specification, design, construction and commissioning of alloy equipment to assure safety, desired life span and performance.

Our Team brings their expertise to key areas such as:

Engineering and Design

Our engineers are highly experienced in the design of pressure equipment in an array of metal alloys and reactive metals; in solid, lined and clad construction.

Fabrication and Welding

Our state-of-the-art methods and equipment provide the highest quality with the greatest efficiency.

Non-Destructive Testing and Examination

Complete in-house testing and evaluation assure strict compliance with material and design requirements.

Pfaudler and its Partners continue to develop alloy and reactive metal welding techniques to produce a variety of highly specialized equipment solutions.

High Pressure Designs

Hydrotreaters in Titanium-stabilized austenitic stainless steels for excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion at elevated temperatures.

Reactive Metal Expertise

Tantalum and Niobium tube heat exchangers paired with highly corrosion resistant materials for maximum performance. Tantalum is a very complementary material of construction to Glass-lined steel with similar corrosion resistant properties, yet has its own strengths and advantages in given applications. The latest partnership signed with Tantec aims to further improve Pfaudler's corrosion-resistant solutions within the chemical, pharmaceutical and process industries.

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Solid, Lined and Clad Construction

Multiple material options and product forms are used to maximize process performance.

We pride ourselves in delivering quality products and service in alloy and reactive materials before, during and after the sale.

  • Pfaudler offers Single Sourcing throughout. Our knowledge and experience simplifies projects requiring multi-materials.
  • Aftermarket support ensures a rapid response to all your parts requirements.
  • Our process engineers provide high-level support, from studies to process engineering through commissioning.

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Whatever your chemical processing need, we have the technology to make it happen.


With over 130 years’ experience and expertise, we will create the complete packaged solution for your processing needs. 


From comprehensive engineering and technical services to our rapid, reliable aftermarket parts services. You can count on us to keep your process system running.


We have a long history of industry firsts and are continuously developing innovative new technologies.