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Pfaudler Pharma Glass an innovative and patented product

Pfaudler brand is known especially for the excellence of the enamel of its products, a wide and complete range specific for industrial processes and operations.

PPG - Pfaudler Pharma Glass - is the specific enamel for the production of APIs, vitamins and other fine chemicals of the pharmaceutical industry. Its new composition has been protected by Pfaudler, becoming a European patent classified with the number EP 1231189.

The development consists of a precise composition which is free of heavy metal ions.

The main properties of the enamel coating are:

  • has a unique chemical composition;
  • free of all types of potentially biological hazardous metal ions;
  • has the same resistance to acidic solutions as our other glasses;
  • guarantees a higher corrosion resistance to alkaline solutions, thus allowing CIP processes without the degradation of the enamel surface during the cleaning phases.

Now all this is protected by a patent!

No enamel coating, currently on the market, can claim and guarantee similar proprieties.

Similar products, to keep the properties of the enamel intact, contain metal ions within their compositions; a potential risk during the whole phase of the chemical process.

The PPG enamel is light blue in color, a precise and desired choice since no similar product on the market presents this color. As a result, the visibility inside the reactor is optimal during the whole production process and cleaning phase.

In fact, thanks to the high optical reflectance, it’s possible to see the process solutions when the light is turned on inside the reactor. A dark enamel would have entirely absorbed the light, making visibility almost impossible while the white enamel would not have made the contrast between enamel and chemical solutions.

The particular composition of the enameled coating can therefore guarantee many advantages to our customers, in particular those who work in the pharmaceutical sector: a higher final product quality and an optimal cleaning, thanks to the higher resistance to alkaline solutions of the PPG enamel compared to normal types of enamel present on the market.

Pfaudler Pharma Glass is appreciated all over the world, especially in the pharmaceutical industries, for its outstanding properties.

An innovative product that is now also protected in its uniqueness, through the European Patent, a further guarantee that allows Pfaudler to increase its intellectual heritage and to prevent every form of imitation.

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