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Pfaudler’s New Manufacturing Plant in Liyang China

A strategic investment project was signed last 2018 November 26 between the Pfaudler Group and Jiangsu Liyang Economic Development Zone.

This investment is fully in line with Pfaudler's focus areas of growth through market penetration, cutting-edge technologies and a wide & complete portfolio of products, systems and services.

Key Aspects of Project:

  • Project of 43,000 square metres of land for the construction of a 20,000 square metre factory and a 3,000 square metre office building.
  • Glass-lined equipment for the process industry as primary business activity
  • Complete strategic cooperative agreement with the municipal government of Liyang, China’s Glass-lined Industrial Committee and Pfaudler Group’s Management

The signing ceremony held at the Liyang Hantian International Conference Centre and was attended by Mr. Feng Jiang, Party Secretary of Liyang; Mr. Feng Chen, Vice Mayor of Liyang; related officials from the Liyang Economic Development Zone, the Bureau of Commerce, Pfaudler Group’s Management and related members of China’s Glasslined Industrial Committee.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Jiang Feng, Municipal Party Secretary of Liyang and Pfaudler CEO, Mr. Thomas Kehl.

Liyang – A second homeland for Pfaudler Group!

Mr. Jiang Feng is delighted that Liyang Economic Development Zone will have a new member and hopes that Liyang can become a second homeland for Pfaudler Group, so that it can put down roots for development. Liyang enjoys the convenience of water and land transportation, which makes it suitable for manufacturing high-end products. The Liyang government will strongly support Pfaudler’s growth, helping it to solve its development challenges by providing excellent services, so that Pfaudler will continue to be a major global player and market leader at this production base in Liyang.

Liyang – only the first step!

Mr. Thomas Kehl is not only optimistic about this development in Liyang, but also about the Chinese market. “Starting this investment work in Liyang is only the first step. I hope that, with China’s support, we can turn this project into a model project that will help us take root and develop in Liyang, as well as increasing Pfaudler's influence in China and worldwide" said Mr. Kehl.

Pfaudler Group has been active for more than 130 years and is a world-leading company in the professional industry, especially in the field of glass-lined Technologies, Systems and Services. In these areas, many other kinds of products are offered. For example, in the past three years, Pfaudler has acquired five companies. In the future, Pfaudler will acquire more companies that produce high-end products and engineered systems or provide related services. The purpose of these acquisitions is to improve and broaden the product and service offering of corrosion-resistant equipment for the process industries. In the meantime, Pfaudler will also introduce the products manufactured by these companies to the Chinese market.  Mr. Thomas Kehl has hopes that they can complete this great mission in Liyang successfully.

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