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The New Generation of Corrosion Monitoring

Complete protection for optimum operational safety

Corrosion monitoring is a crucial protection measure to safeguard plants and employees whenever highly corrosive and abrasive processes are used in glass-lined vessels. The newly developed sintered corrosion monitoring electrodes (COP probe) is another Pfaudler innovation that extends the company’s unrivaled corrosion monitoring system and sets a new benchmark in terms of operational safety and durability, even in the most aggressive processes. The new CryCo-Lock technology also allows the monitoring of shrunk turbines and thus offers the perfect all-round protection for your vessels.

The technology behind corrosion monitoring is based on fused glass-lined measuring electrodes, the COP probe, in combination with the related measuring electronics, the Corrosion Detector. The electronics are connected to the parts being monitored by means of electrodes and via product. These can be mounted on glass-lined baffles, Quatro-Pipes and thermo-wells. Thanks to the functional principle of the decomposition voltage, false alarms are ruled out and reliable information about the condition of the reactor and the installed components can be obtained in all cases.

Optimum operational safety and extended service life times

The sintered corrosion monitoring electrodes (COP probe) can now also be used for product conductivities of >1mS/cm. In contrast to full-metal electrodes, these electrodes are homogeneously embedded in the glass lining and do not exhibit any surface tensions during warming and cooling. This prevents any cracking between the cover glass lining and the measuring electrodes thus enabling extended service life times of installed components.

All-round protection thanks to the new Pfaudler CryCo-Lock technology

The turbine, as the moving part that comes in contact with the product, is most vulnerable to damage. The new Pfaudler CryCo-Lock technology now also allows monitoring the integrity of shrunk turbines. The continuous in-process glass lining monitoring system is suitable for all Pfaudler Cryo-Lock agitators. This eliminates the need for elaborate corrosion-related inspections of the vessel.

Broad range of applications

The Pfaudler technology not only enables the monitoring of glass-lined surfaces but also other corrosion-resistant surfaces (e.g. fluoropolymer-coated) of reactors and their fittings. The combination with approval for Ex-Zone 0 makes the corrosion monitoring system suitable for use in nearly all application cases. Alongside solutions for continuous corrosion monitoring, mobile systems for periodical corrosion testing are also available.

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