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Robust enamel pH electrodes make economic sense

The Pfaudler glass-lined measurement technology offers decisive benefits in demanding applications where sensitive products are processed.

Online measuring systems have an important part to play in the automated monitoring and tight process control required in chemical processes. 
In addition to liquid analysis, our other instrument technologies include temperature, level detection and corrosion monitoring. 

Pfaudler can demonstrate as the use of glass electrodes has various disadvantages, such as short calibration intervals, potential glass breakage, high sensitivity to CIP/SIP and short life spans, to name but a few. These are compounded by tough demands on their mechanical strength. Glass-lined pH probes from Pfaudler have none of these disadvantages, while their robust construction and glass-lined surface guarantee reliable and more economical production.

A pH probe from Pfaudler comprises a steel probe body with a highly-resistant, anti-adhesive technical glass-lining to protect the surface in contact with the product. Probes can therefore be installed in piping and vessels where they are directly exposed to the flow, enabling constant online measurement in the main product stream. Moreover, the smooth surface the glass-lining gives the probe body protects it against corrosion and product build-up. Thanks to the pressurized electrolyte system, the probes can be installed in any position at the point of use. The safety against glass breakage in the product is a particular bonus in food and pharmaceutical production. 

Pfaudler glass-lined pH probes don’t require regular calibration.

pH measurement systems using glass electrodes have to be regularly removed from the process during CIP or for periodic recalibration – often requiring the use of sophisticated and expensive retractable assemblies. Thanks to their smooth surface, glass-lined pH probes are easy to clean and can remain in the system during CIP cleaning and sterilization. This is in stark contrast to conventional glass electrodes, which usually need to be recalibrated after each sterilization process, and replaced after just a few cycles. Moreover, the calibration values (e.g. slope) of calibrated measuring probes remain constant over the entire lifetime, i.e. the probe does not age. Regular recalibration is therefore unnecessary. The result is significantly higher plant availability, and therefore enhanced productivity and cost-effectiveness. 

Dry storage possible 

Glass probes normally have to be protected against drying out, because this would damage them. This is not a problem for glass-lined measurement probes, which can be stored dry for any length of time without problems. 

Pfaudler Services provide full life cycle support for all our technologies

Product and Application advice - With the wide range of chemistries and processes in the industry, selecting a suitable technology is complex and requires an in-depth understanding of applications and products.

Commissioning, maintenance and training – Our expert technicians provide commissioning and maintenance of complex systems, an essential requirement for ensuring that your  equipment works perfectly and smoothly.

To sum it up – glass-lined probes often pay off after just 1-2 years.

With their extremely smooth glass-lined surface, easy installation directly in the product stream, stable measurement characteristics and lack of sensitivity to CIP processes, glass-lined measurement probes are extremely low-maintenance and long-lasting. The initial investment pays off in just a few years.

You can now calculate online how long the investment in your application will take to pay off.

Check out our life-cycle cost calculator 

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