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Modular Bottom Outlet Valves - quick removal of the temperature sensor for re-validating purposes.

The bottom outlet valve on the glass-lined reactor and the valves in the piping are key components for the safe containment of corrosive and hazardous contents. Our high quality, reliable, corrosion resistant valves come with a range of options including pipe-line or equipment mounting, glass-lined or PFA wetted construction and over 4,000 configurations/options.

The calibration of PT 100 sensors in bottom outlet valves, which has to be performed in the course of revalidating process equipment, can often be a problem.  The valve may need to be removed from the reactor and taken to a workshop for disassembly.

With the Pfaudler Valve Series AMA/APA-BT removal of the PT 100 is simplified, the valve does not require removal from the reactor and requires no special tools due to the smart design of the connections between the opening mechanism and the valve stem on both the pneumatic and handwheel opening options.

All components have been designed to avoid the need of additional adjustment work after the reinstallation of the PT 100. And the valve is still absolutely tight of course.

Working with our experienced field service technicians, who understand the difficulties with working in the limited space beneath a reactor, Pfaudler product developers have come up with a design that allows the PT 100 to be easily removed and refitted in even the most restrictive of spaces beneath a reactor.

To enable users to easily upgrade to this new feature, a stocked conversion kit comprising of only a few parts, is available to retrofit to existing valves giving the option to remove the PT 100 sensor from the side. Again, the bottom outlet valve does not need to be removed from the reactor for this purpose. 

Thus, Pfaudler offers not only the most compact and light-weight glassteel bottom outlet valve available on the market, but also one of the most maintenance-friendly ones.

Due to the modular construction, options like diverse temperature measurement, glass testing probes and air actuator extensions etc. can be easily added or even done as an upgrade to existing valves.

The Pfaudler Service teams provide a tailored support for the outlet valve and the glass-lined reactor, keeping the equipment running efficiently, avoiding long downtimes and using appropriate repair methods when things need special attention.

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