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MONTZ Dividing Wall Columns - Separation technology on the rise.

Trend-setting research and continuous improvements to the existing range of services is what has distinguished the Julius Montz GmbH over decades as a creative and innovative enterprise. Today, the company is regarded as one of the leading specialists in the field of fluid separation technology offering a wide range of services and products. One of the key competences is the design and construction of distillation columns with all internals up to the supply of skid mounted distillation units.

Topics like cost and energy savings are increasingly important in chemical industry over many years, especially because fluid separation is particularly effective but also very energy intensive. One possibility to meet these challenges is the application of dividing wall column technology for multi component thermal separation.

For more than 30 years, dividing wall columns are used in the chemical industry. Montz delivered the first dividing wall column and has continuously improved the dividing wall column technology ever since.  With more than 140 dividing wall columns, Montz is the leading global provider of this column system.

Dividing wall columns can be used anywhere when complex mixtures are to be split into pure fractions.  It is particularly advantageous for the production of pure mid-boiling fractions. The separation of a ternary mixture into pure constituents with conventional columns requires a sequential circuit of two columns or a configuration of main columns with side columns.  Using a dividing wall column, this task can be achieved in a single distillation column.

In dividing wall columns, a vertical wall is positioned in the center part of the column shell.  The dividing wall separates the feeding section from the draw-off section.  The gas-tight and liquid-tight dividing wall enables an energy efficient separation of low boiling and heavy boiling components in the feeding section working as a pre-fractionator.  The draw-off section is designed for purification of the mid-boiling species

Such setup saves a second column for purification of the mid-boiling fraction. Column shell, internals, evaporators and condensers of a second column are not necessary.  Further, the control and maintenance efforts are drastically reduced. 

Dividing wall columns are an alternative to multi-column circuits, which reduces investment and operation costs.  As a rule of thumb, investment and operation costs are both reduced by minimum 20 - 30 %.

Montz leading position in the field of dividing wall columns is underlined by a number of patents in the past 20 years, for example the development of a loose dividing wall, which is especially useful for revamps. Also the application range is very wide. Montz delivered dividing wall columns from very small column diameters of 50 mm for pilot plants up to column diameters of several meters for industrial production scale. Due to a close cooperation with the customer an individual solution for every separation problem can be developed.

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