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FUNDA filters to the Asian market through the collaboration of MAVAG, Pfaudler China and GMM

In Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry processes, where products in solid form must be separated, washed, dried and discharged from liquids, in an automatic way and in sterile conditions, the step of filtration and separation becomes critical.

The extensive experience of Mavag, in the field of mixing, filtration and sterile technology for equipment and process systems, ensures a technically sound and innovative, yet economical solution for your solids separation process.

One particular case study for a pharmaceutical customer in China demonstrated the major synergies that the global Pfaudler Group has and the benefits it provides to its customers with its knowledge and skilled expertise in the field of liquid-solid separation processes. The case study project was successful due to the collaboration of an international team of engineers, technicians and sales personnel.

The customer, who specializes in the production and sale of fatty amines and derivatives of selected amines, has its main manufacturing facilities in China and Germany. Our German technical and commercial staff at Mavag first begain a relationship with the customer in Germany and were involved to provide support and a first solution for a filtration process at their production site.  They then looked to duplicate the process at their China facility, however, technical changes were required due to different site conditions and parameters in China.  Pfaudler involved the technical and sales staff based at our Suzhou China facillity to locally coordinate the new requirements coming from the customer team in China.

Through this collaboration between Pfaudler China and the MAVAG product specialists in Switzerland, we successfully met all customer technical requirements and improved their production.

FUNDA - horizontal pressure leaf filters were the MAVAG product proposed to the Chinese customer. 

This filter is used for the separation of solid particles from a liquid with the help of porous layers that allow the liquid to pass through but retain the solid matter. The Funda filter can be operated automatically and can be with supplied other process equipment such as pre-coat vessels, pump, valves and instrumentation. 

The main advantages are: 
• completely enclosed vessel for containment to ensure product quality, consistency and operational safety
• rotating filter assembly discharges the cake in dry/slurry form
• self-cleaning system
• pre-coating, filtration, heel filtration, cake, washing, cake drying and discharge are all done in one closed system.

FUNDA filters are typically constructed in Stainless Steel (but available also in Hastelloy and Special Alloy) and available in sizes ranging from 1 m2 to 80 m2.  

GMM Pfaudler, located in India, was also involved  in the project and utilized its production capacity and its Engineering department to build the customers stainless steel FUNDA filter (with approval Chinese SELO).

The final assembly of the components and the factory acceptance testing was completed by MAVAG technicians within the production site based in Switzerland.

So that's how this strategic partnership between our three entities: MAVAG, Pfaudler China and GMM Pfaudler, managed to achieve considerable success with the our FUNDA centrifugal disc filters in an important and significant market like China and for a prestigious worldwide customer.

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