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EDLON® Pfluoro-Pfix™ Manway shields get damaged glass-lined vessels back on-line quickly

Pfaudler Glasteel™ vessels are the material of choice for the most demanding corrosive chemical processes based on excellent corrosion and temperature resistance properties.  They can, however, be susceptible to mechanical abuse or erosion over time which can damage glass in high use areas such as manways.

While re-glassing is often an option, it is not always a timely solution as the vessel needs to be pulled from operation for a period of time, causing unplanned and costly downtime.

Our engineering, technical services and aftermarket parts & services are ready to keep your chemical & pharmaceutical process systems operating smoothly by proposing a suitable repair method to avoid long downtimes.

Pfaudler can get you up and running quickly with our Edlon Pfluoro-Pfix™ repair shields. 

These repair shields offer the corrosion resistance of glass plus mechanical and thermal shock resistance, thereby providing an economical repair technique that can be performed in the field.  

Our repair shields are isostatically molded PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), providing nearly universally corrosion resistance up to 200°C over a wide range of chemistries.  

They are designed to prevent leakage and exterior to improve bonding.  

The molded PTFE has a uniform wall thickness, has a smooth surface finish and is available in a variety of sizes that are stocked on the shelf, ready for immediate dispatch and installation by one of our qualified service specialists.

Edlon also offers a variety of other accessories designed to provide fast and effective repairs for damaged glass-lined equipment to allow time to plan for an outage for reglassing.

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