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Pfaudler Service centre Benelux - Best practice on Change Device for DIN Mechanical Seal Units

Pfaudler Services Benelux, founded in 1983 as Process Equipment and Systems (PEAS) was a trade company and the former representative office of Pfaudler for the Netherlands. In addition to glass lined reactors, the company also represented other products normally used in chemical or process plants together with reactors, including graphite heat exchangers, glass lined pipe spools, filter dryers, industrial glass equipment and shaft seals. 

In the mid 90’s PEAS activities were expanded to include dedicated servicing of glass lined equipment.

In the following years, PEAS implemented and increased its service center capabilities to a higher professional level in order to provide customers with supplies and services that are of general interest (not just glass-lined equipment) and giving the customer total confidence with a single source contact. 

The well-equipped and complete workshop also includes plastic processing and mechanical seals overhauling facilities.

This organizational effort had not gone unnoticed, and in 2016 the Pfaudler Group officially acquired Process Equipment and Systems and then renamed the company Pfaudler Services Benelux BV. 

Being part now of an international group, Pfaudler Services Benelux provides a broader range of knowledge based services while at the same time keeping the advantage of local flexibility, customer focus and prompt response. Knowledge based services include maintenance, repairs, upgrades, retrofits and, in general, any type of consultancy and support for the technologies or used in industrial plants. 

With its many years of experience and high expertise in providing services, Pfaudler Services Benelux supports the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries as well as the other major industrial sectors with its main focus being in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.

Regular maintenance of plants and the choice of suitable repair methods, play a crucial role in terms of avoiding long downtimes and ensuring the equipment operates properly and efficiently.

One of the important areas of expertise of the global Pfaudler services team is completing maintenance, repairs and replacement of mechanical seals for rotating equipment. The mechanical seal is a key element of agitated reactors. Like all rotating equipment, it is subject to wear and risk of damage. This in turn may cause unplanned plant shutdowns resulting in loss of production and additional cost, both of which reduce profit.

For an easy replacement of the mechanical seal we recommend our highly-qualified Service Technicians and our professional mechanical seal tool kit.  The mechanical seal tool kit basically consists of some different components: 

A lifting device, guide rails, a carriage cart for the mechanical seal, a carriage cart for the coupling, agitator support ring, tools (such as wrenches, torque wrench etc.) and a professional metallic tool box that is easy to carry.

Using the lifting device, the mechanical seal is lifted and - after fixing the agitator by means of the support ring and moving the coupling - fixed at the cart.  Subsequently, the mechanical seal with the cart can be pulled out of the drive stool on the two parallel mounted guideways and can be lifted out using a block and tackle.

The tool kit is universally applicable for Pfaudler drives - for all mechanical seals according to DIN 28 138 part 2, and regardless of the manufacturer, for shaft diameters 80, 100, 125 and 140 mm. Our Pfaudler Service can propose mechanical seal tool kit for each seal size.

Pfaudler Services is able to also supply combined tool kits if your reactors have different mechanical seal sizes. You can procure the change device or complete all maintenance services with one of our highly skilled service technicians. Our service team brings the necessary tools and changes any mechanical seal in a safe and professional style.

Our Global Field Service Network is close to your site for guaranteed fast and flexible service response and to optimize and improve the complete lifecycle service support:

  • Single-source contact
  • Consultancy and project management:
  • Transport and installation;
  • Inspection contracts;
  • Repair and maintenance;
  • Parts exchange;
  • Reglass; 
  • Second hand;
  • Retrofitting / Upgrades.

For more details of Change Mechanical seal units, visit the Pfaudler You Tube channel.

Contact Pfaudler today to learn more. 

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