dry9000® in chemical applications

05 November 2020

dry9000® in chemical applications

Pfaudler’s Interseal, dry-running lip-seal technology is the high-tech shaft seal solution. The dry9000® follows every movement of the shaft, both axial and radial, eliminating any movement of the sealing components, resulting in no gaps in the critical sealing surfaces and a leak-free sealing system. This demonstrates the superiority of our shaft lip seal.

Pfaudler designs and manufactures a shaft seal solution for all types of pharma seal applications, chemical industry purposes as well as for food processes.

In chemical processes, the mixing, agitation and sealing systems play crucial role. A recent case study involved Pfaudler Interseal and its team of experts to providing dry9000® seals for a chemical customer.

The original agitation unit was made up of a conventional sealing system, where frequent maintenance was required, to replace a damaged ring.

Through close collaboration with the customer in the field, the advantages in using the dry9000® became evident.

The application required high agitation speeds and demanding cooling temperatures.

The dry9000®, equipped with a cooling ring and cooling disk, was the correct choice in keeping temperatures under control.

Benefits achieved through testing:

  • Temperatures remain below 30° C;
  • Cooling water flow rate (tap water with a temperature of about 20 °C) was about 50 L / h;
  • Pressurized seals, each containing nitrogen as a protective gas.
  • Safety in monitoring the presence of nitrogen through the addition of a supplementary in-line pressure switch; 
  • Seals compliant with IPL2.

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