Alloy Pressure Vessels

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Pfaudler manufactures and supplies all types of pressure vessels, in line with the requirements of its clients.

Clients often need to build special-purpose machines and or equipment for specific processes in their chemical plants. Pfaudler can construct machines based on its clients’ inputs as to the purposes/functions of their specific equipment.


Pfaudler can design vessel geometry, as per its client’s needs, including tanks, knock-out drums, receivers, hold-up vessels, de-aerators, and so on. The pressure vessels can be jacketed and/or have internal coils, as required by the client.

Pfaudler can manufacture pressure vessels made of all types of materials, from stainless to cladded steel, as well as carbon steel, duplex steel, SS 904 L, Hastelloy, and more.

Industries Served

Pfaudler’s pressure vessels can be used in the petrochemical and fertilizer sectors, oil and gas refineries, and other specialized chemical process industries.