Our Core Values

What Pfaudler stands for

The Group's values guide who we are and everything we do. They define what everyone in the Group lives by and strives for each day.

Our Mission & Vision

The Pfaudler Group offers a wide range of corrosion resistant technologies, systems and related services for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

We support our Customers from the lab to the full scale production plant through innovative processes and comprehensive service offerings across the globe.

We are partnering with our Customers by Defining the standard in everything we do.

The Values


We continually search for better solutions to ensure we meet the needs of our customers and the challenges of tomorrow.


We leverage our worldwide team's knowledge and expertise to create new technologies that deliver high-value solutions for our customers and shape the industry.


We pride ourselves on expert technical advice, rapid service response and on-time delivery that defines the standard for the industry.


We actively support inclusion and diversity, protect the environment and maintain the highest standards of compliance and ethics in everything we do.


We provide a proven reliability in all our technologies, services and solutions that reinforces our reputation as the trusted industry leader.

Sustainable Development: looking after our world

The Pfaudler Group is committed to sustainable and environmentally-friendly working practices. That is why a significant part of that contained in the products the Group creates are recyclable, along with having dedicated refurbishing and recycling centers.

The Group's technologies are at the heart of processing basic chemicals that forge the building blocks forming everyday life products used around the world.

Pfaudler's process engineers provide green solutions, including evaporation systems to reduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and to protect the environment. The Group's evaporation systems for biofuels, acid recovery and oil re-refining also preserve the world's natural resources.

The average age of the equipment is 25-years-plus while the majority of customers choose to refurbish rather than recycle their set-ups. The company's services groups work to install, maintain and optimize these technologies and solutions in plants around the globe.

This is testament to the quality of the Group's workmanship and also goes towards providing a sustainable long-term platform.

Ethics & Compliance

Pfaudler's success depends largely on the employees' actions and integrity, being essential to the reputation and economic success of any company acting on a global scale.

Correct and appropriate behavior in day-to-day business is an essential part of integrity, and Pfaudler has a Code of Conduct in place which outlines its expectations of employees, contractors and any other individual or entity who are conducting business on behalf of Pfaudler.


Ethics & Compliance


Modern Slavery Statement